BCL AHA Cleansing Research Wash Cleansing 120g


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Gender: Unisex

  • Type: Cleansing foam
  • AHA Wash Cleansing removes dirt and makeup from pores while brightening up the color of your skin.
  • Formulated with papain enzyme, kiwi and apple extracts, olive oil and other ingredients to cleanse without drying up your skin.
  • This Japanese foaming face wash also prevents acne and dark spots.
  • Pore Clean non-scrub Facial Cleanser»
    ・Although it can wash well, your skin will not be too tightened
    ・It’s a moist and easy-to-clean type. It can also be used for sensitive or dry skin
    ・It removes dirt on pores, deadskin and excess sebum to lighten and soften skin.
    ・A non-scrub type with a gentle feeling of use.◆ deadskin care ingredients
    AHA (malic acid), papain, kiwi extract
    ◆ moisturizing ingredients
    Plant-based ceramide (comenuka glycosphingolipid), BG, glycerin, tea leaf extract
    ◆ Fragrance of fresh apple
    ◆ 100% plant cleaning ingredients
    ◆ non-scrub type

【What is AHA?】

  • AHA is a component that brings a mild peeling effect with less stress on the skin. It is a naturally derived ingredient extracted from fruits.
  • It has the effect of softening and removing the old horny skin, so it improves the rough and dullness of the skin and leads to a transparent skin.
  • It is gentle on the skin than normal peeling

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  • Brand Name: Cleansing Research BCL
  • Company: Styling Life Holdings Inc BCL COMPANY
  • Origin of the Country: Japan
  • Weight: 120 gm


  • A facial wash with fine granules that contains papaya enzyme, kiwi extract, apple acid, malic acid and other ingredients that works wonder in removing stubborn dirt and keeping troubled skin clear.


  • Drop off your make with cleansing→【AHA cleansing research wash cleansing b】→usual skin care
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