Rohto Melano CC Sunscreen Brightening Vitamin C UV Emulsion 50g


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Melano CC Vitamin C UV Emulsion is a morning UV milky-type sunscreen that contains a long-acting vitamin C derivative which prevents your skin from becoming dark or sunburnt throughout the day while also moisturizing it. This emulsion can also be used as a makeup base to protect and give your skin a brighter appearance.

Containing 2 different types of vitamin C derivatives, including a long-acting vitamin C derivative, this UV emulsion will keep your skin moisturized during the day while also protecting in against UV rays. Furthermore, it contains vitamin E derivative, which also acts as a moisturizing ingredient and passion fruit extract to create a clear complexion.

The UV emulsion absorbs quickly into the skin and has a refreshing feel. It does not dry the skin out whatsoever. It also removes pollen, dirt, dust particles, and protects your skin from harmful substances in the air.

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-Active ingredients include 2 types of vitamin C -derivatives, vitamin E derivative, and passion fruit extract to moisturize the skin and brighten its complexion.
-Can be used as a makeup base.
-SPF50+/PA++++/UV and water resistant.
-Refreshing citrus scent

Apply an appropriate amount of product to your skin at the end of your routine.

For best results, it is recommended to reapply this product after sweating or getting the skin wet.

Recommended to use this UV emulsion as part of your morning skincare routine.
Net contents: 50g
Made in Japan

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