Shiseido Baby Powder Medicated Pressed Powder 50g


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  • Net contents: 50g of powder with a puff attached
  • Made in Japan

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Shiseido Baby Powder is a handy and functional Japanese pressed powder that smoothens and brightens the skin by controlling skin oil excretion as well as covering pores.

This compact baby powder prevents pimples, acne, breakouts and absorbs excess any oil excretion from the skin. It also helps protect the skin from prickly heat, inflammation, diaper rash, and thigh chafing while keeping it in healthy skin condition.


  • Less spattering due to its compact powder form.
  • Formulated with very mild ingredients for all types of skin. Specially made for people who has sensitive skin and who are allergic from regular baby powder.
  • No fragrance and coloring.
  • Matte and translucent finish after applying.


Apply by gently pressing the attached puff into the skin.

Suitable to use on adults or baby’s delicate skin; after bathing, when changing diaper, or after cleansing the skin with baby lotion to remove sweat, etc.

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