Melano CC Premium Brightening Essence Serum 20 ml


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A whitening beauty essence that intensively penetrates deep into the skin surface with a unique penetration formula

  •  It is a whitening serum recommended for those who do not want to increase the stains any more.
  • A drop of serum with dense texture that easily fuses with skin.
  • Active whitening ingredient in addition to active vitamin C, there are also 3 types of vitamin C derivatives blended as moisturizing ingredients.
  •  With Rohto Pharmaceutical’s unique penetration prescription, it penetrates deep into the skin surface  intensively!
  • It reaches the source of the spots you care about, suppresses the production of melanin, and prevents spots and freckles.
  • If you use 4 to 5 drops at a time and once a day, you can use one for about 5 to 6 months.
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