Daiso Collagen Supplement (15 Days)


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Daiso Collagen is Whitening, Blooming, Glowing, and Pinkish Skin Capsule Beauty for the inside. Whiter, fairer, younger, healthier, and more beautiful skin! Benefits: Rejuvenates the skin Reduces the appearance of wrinkles It helps to provide skin firmness & tightness Makes skin soft & smooth Stimulates the production of collagen & elastin Whitens your skin Stops acne break out Clears pimple marks How to Use Take two (2) tablets daily,once after each meal preferably with fruit juice for faster absoption of the collagen. NOTE: Each pack contains 30 tablets. The number 15 indicated outside the pack only means GOOD FOR 15 DAYS and NOT 15 TABLETS. Daily dosage is 2 tablets that’s why 1 pack will only last for 15 DAYS of use. Ingredients Vitamin B2 20mg Vitamin C 200mg Vitamin E 400mg Fish Collagen 5,200mg Vitamin P 40mg

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